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Excerpt from Sonny Newman's thoughts on Tango:

"Tango is intimate communication and connection between two embracing dancers that uses no words. It is sensual without necessarily being sexual. Within the boundaries of a very few rules, the dance is open to endless creativity. The wide spectrum of its music ranges like human emotions -- sometimes playful or passionate, other times sad or melancholy, occasionally fierce and angry.

NEXT Tango series starts Sunday, May 9th (7 classes/$56 with no class on Memorial Day Weekend Sunday) and Wednesday, May 12th (8 classes/$64) pre-register or sign up at first class.
1:00pm Beginning  (May 9th class will be Level A -8 count basic step and variations)
2:30pm Intermediate
7:00pm Beginning  (May 12th class will be Level B- 6 count basic step and variations)
8:30pm Intermediate
7:30-9:00p   Beginning level  (every week except 2nd Friday nights when it is Waltz night at the Dance Hall)  

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE:  Register in advance using credit card click here.   You can also register at the first day of the new class series using check or cash (sorry, no credit cards accepted in person, only when registering online)

Understanding Sonny's Beginning & Intermediate Tango Class Levels

The beginning levels are scheduled on a rotation basis (i.e. once the current series level concludes, the next series will be the other half of the beginning level – rolls over from Level A to Level B and then repeats the cycle.).  Prerequisite for intermediate class: must be comfortable with introductory level tango in their lead or follow and understand basics as outlined in beginning levels below.


Beginning Level A & B


Level A Incorporates in-depth study using eight-count step pattern including walking woman to the cross; walking out of line with your partner, ochos, body positioning and walking technique, emphasis musicality and several step variations to allow student to complete series with basic understanding of tango and ability to construct beginning level dance composition;

Level B Same class format as Level A, but uses six-count step pattern; there is so much material that must be learned that it has been divided into two series of classes. Sonny highly recommends that students take both A and B before moving on to Intermediate level.


Intermediate Tango:

Builds on the basics taught during beginning tango and introduces more complex step patterns, allowing the student to begin creating their tango with a growing repertoire (molinetes, boleos, gaunchos, sacadas, gyros, etc.). This series is designed to go beyond just learning steps. In-depth learning focusing on relationship between lead & follow, dynamics of proper body positioning, hesitations, syncopation and interpreting musicality.



Can't make the full series of class due to work/travel schedule interference? Then for your convenience Dance Class cards are available for purchase - $80 for 10 classes (can be used for any day of the week of tango class that Sonny & Nancy teach, regardless of level -- this is a wonderfully flexible way of attending classes with busy schedules and also can be used at any regular DJ'd Tango Dance at Sonny's (cover equivalent $8)



Class Cost:
$64 for 8-class session (equivalent to $8/per class or $10/class for drop in students;

How to Register: 
No need to pre-register.  Arrive 15 minutes before class for registration on first day or
pre-register online using PayPal
Sign up for entire series or use dance punchcard (pre-purchase 10 classes for $80 -- obtain card in person at Dance Hall with cash or check, or online with credit card)

Partners not required.  Dance shoes recommended but not required.  Shoes that leave black marks on floor are not allowed.  Thank you.
Friday Beginning Tango Series
7:30pm-9:00pm  Beg. Tango Class - $10 to drop in

Sonny & Nancy Newman

Group or Private Lessons with Sonny & Nancy Newman & Gift Certificates Available:
Available for group Argentine Tango lessons with Sonny and Nancy Newman, or if you prefer, we offer private lessons in waltz, swing, foxtrot, and of course Argentine Tango. You can purchase Gift Certificates directly online  or by calling Sonny & Nancy Newman at 206-784-3010 or if you have questions, please email us.